I have a dog and a cat, can they both use a larger size door?

Yes panels open easily and close behind your pet, smaller pets may open a single panel or both depending on their size.

Are replacement parts available?

Yes, one of the many benefits of the PlexiDor range is that should a need ever arise where a replacement part is needed, these are available.  This saves you the expense of having to replace the whole pet door unit.

How do I position the pet door?

The top of the door opening should be approximately 2 inches above the dog's back:

What should I consider when choosing a location for my pet door?

Pet doors can also allow access to outdoor areas for young children.  This is important to consider if the door allows access to an area with a pool or spa for example. Children may escape into an outdoor space without you realizing. 

Location can be influenced by a number of factors. If you are planning on placing the dog door into a wall space for example you will first need to find out the location of any infrastructure like electricity, water or gas to ensure this is not cut through or affected during the installation process. Wall units are usually best installed by a qualified trades person.

I would like to install a dog door but am concerned about security.

The doors are designed with added security features like a keyed lock to prevent your pet from entering the home and steel security plate that can be used if the house is unattended. Sliding track accessories are also available if the security plate is used frequently.

Some customers have looked at ways to disguise the location of their pet door. Contact us for some ideas.

How to I tell what size I should order?

Best to look at the opening measurement, this is the opening size with both panels open that your pet can fit through. Some people have found cutting this out on a piece of paper or cardboard and using this as as a template is a great way to visualize the dimensions against their pet.

Can a PlexiDor be installed directly into a glass door or panel?

Unfortunately no, customers have replaced the glass or sectioned the panel with a solid piece or timber, aluminium or plexiglass that the door can then be installed into.  If you have a glass door or window, feel free to contact us for further information.

How do I train my pet to use a pet door?

Most cats and dogs will learn to use the new door quickly. This can take anything from two seconds to two weeks. It is important to reward and encourage your pet to use the door, never push the pet through as this can cause anxiety and hinder the training process. You can show the dog or cat how to open the doors gently and ensure there is a treat or something exciting waiting for them on the other size. Use plenty of praise and encouragement.

Can I install the door myself?

Yes, all pet doors come with a template and instructions. you will need some basic tools such as drill, saw and screwdriver. If you would prefer someone else to install the door, you could get in touch with a local trades person or home handyman service.

I am building, when should I order the door?

Speak to your builder/architect about time frames. It is always best to have the door available for the tradespeople to assist them with any framing and positioning. We do not recommend making any cut holes unless you have the product with you.