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Dog Door - Extra Large

Plexidor® Performance Pet Doors are professionally engineered and manufactured from quality materials to provide years of safe, trouble free service for your pet. Plexidor® Pet Doors do not require replacement flaps, provide the highest energy efficiency and come standard with lock and key, plus a steel security plate. All Plexidor® Pet Doors come with a 5 year Manufacturer's warranty for residential use.

Plexidor® Pet Doors do not require costly vinyl replacement flaps. 

The panels on the Plexidor® PD DOOR XL and PD WALL XL units are manufactured using a solid 3/8” sheet of plexiglass instead of the thermo‐pane panel design. This makes the panels virtually indestructible for larger dogs up to 220 lbs. The panels also come equipped with factory installed chew proof aluminium trim around all four edges and on both sides of each panel. This prevents damage to the panels from chewing which sometimes occurs with larger breeds of dogs. (e.g. Labradors)The plexiglass panels open and close with a gentle push and automatically close tight without banging. Each panel has been rigorously tested to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. They are manufactured using UV stabilizers with enhanced additives to resist fading from sunlight. Each panel is lined around all four edges with snug fitting, high density, industrial nylon pile weather seal to provide superior draft‐control.

The plexiglass saloon style doors are guaranteed to close tight, year after year, providing the highest level of energy efficiency. Whether your home is located in the desert heat of Arizona or in the sub zero temperatures of Alaska, Plexidor® Pet Doors will save money on your energy bill every month. Plexidor® owners report that in just a few years, their energy savings have more than paid for the door.

Plexidor® interior and exterior frames are made from heavy duty anodized aluminum that won't rust, bend, crack or warp. PD DOOR and PD WALL units feature a key lock and a separate steel security plate that screws onto the interior frame from the inside of your home and prevents an intruder from entering. Simply insert the key to lock or unlock the door or apply the security plate when leaving for an extended period. (Steel security plate not included for size PD SMALL)

Choose from three elegant colors to compliment your home; Silver, White, or Brown.  White and Brown frame finishes are baked on the interior and exterior frames for increased durability. They hold up much better than a painted surface which can get scratched. The Plexidor® Pet Door is by far the best looking pet door you will ever install in your home.

Plexidor® PD DOOR Unit installation is easy. The ideal framing depth is 40-45mm which is the thickness of a standard exterior house door if your door or panel is less than this depth then you can use a packing frame similar to the photos in our photo gallery and installation guide page. The frame of the Plexidor® will protect the cut‐out edges of a solid wood or metal door and eliminate the need to frame‐in a hollow core door. Each unit includes mounting hardware and installation instructions. 


  • Interior and exterior frame
  • Chew Proof Aluminium trim pre-installed on single plexiglass panels
  • Lock and two keys
  • Steel security plate
  • Mounting hardware and installation instructions
  • 5 year Maunufacturer's warranty  

X-Large Opening: 40.6 cm wide x 60.3cm height.

Suits: Dogs up to 90 kg.

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